Thursday, 12 July 2012

Suggested Readings for Medical Science- DR. Shaleen (AIR-81)

Human Anatomy—B D Chaurasia books of Anatomy (all three volumes); Embryology from I B Singh;

Human Physiology- Ganong; Guyton and A.K.Jain book

Biochemistry-  by U. Satnarayan’s book.

Pathology-  Pathological basis of disease by Robbins and cotran, one can also refer to Harshmohan’s book also.

Pharmacology- K D Tripathi’s book or even Lipincott is very good for memory point of view.

Microbiology- D R Arora’s book. And same author’s book for medical parasitology.

Forensic medicine- Essentials of Forensic medicine and Toxicology by Dr. K S                Narayan Reddy. It is better to go by the tables that have been given in this book as question are asked directly from there and it is advisable to not to miss them.

(Community medicine)Preventive and social medicine- K Park’s book is sufficient enough. There is no need to refer any special book for the programs of Govt. of India as K Park deals with them in good detail and one has to follow a word limit in writing questions.

General Medicine- there are various books for medicine and no one is complete. I would highly recommend reading only those books which you have referred during your graduation years. Like I followed CMDT(no need to buy latest edition), textbook of medicine by S N Chugh, Emergency medicine by S N Chugh. I would recommend making notes on certain medical emergencies like asthma, COPD, Status epilepticus, poisoning cases etc. It is better to avoid reading Harrison as one need to prepare any question optimally and not totally. For Infectious diseases one should refer book from Indian author as presentation of Infectious diseases is a bit different in our country than west so avoid CMDT or Harrision for that.

General Surgery- Manipal’s manual of surgery. For Differential diagnosis part one can refer to clinical surgery by S Das.

Pediatrics-  Essential pediatrics by O P Ghai, paul and bagga. For d/d one can refer to DR. Mayoor K cheda book.

Deramatology- illustrated synopsis of Dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases by Neena Khanna.

Obstetrics and gynecology including family planning- Obstetrics by D C Dutta. And for gynecology either D C Dutta’s book or Shaw’s Gynecology. Practice questions in flow chart format like that has been given in D C dutta as it is the standard format to prepare for answer writing in medical science paper.

I have tried to give a list of books that is minimally necessary and it is advisable to read that part thoroughly so that one can attempt questions optimally and qualitatively.

Wishing you all good luck.

DR. Shaleen